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Forecast updated 18/9 12:02 AM local time.

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Mon 17/9  ENLARGING and Size Winter Boots Green Warm Snow Boots Anti Ladies 5 5UK Size38 Skid Eozy 02:00 PM 
Mon 17/9  03:00 PM 
Mon 17/9  04:00 PM 
Mon 17/9  05:00 PM 
Mon 17/9  06:00 PM 
Mon 17/9  07:00 PM 
Mon 17/9  08:00 PM 
Mon 17/9  09:00 PM 
Mon 17/9  10:00 PM 
Mon 17/9  11:00 PM 
Tue 18/9  12:00 AM 
Tue 18/9  01:00 AM 
Tue 18/9  02:00 AM 
Tue 18/9  03:00 AM 
Tue 18/9  04:00 AM 
Tue 18/9  05:00 AM 
Tue 18/9  06:00 AM 
Tue 18/9  07:00 AM 
Tue 18/9  08:00 AM 
Tue 18/9  09:00 AM 

Finland 1 h: The image displays precipitation in Finland. Under title "Observations" maps show the hourly accumulated precipitation as measured by the weather radars. Under title "Forecasts" maps are drawn by the meteorologist in duty, using latest information from radars and numerical weather prediction models.

Finland 15 min.: The image displays precipitation intensity in Finland. The composite includes radar echoes also from Norway and Sweden. Lightning flashes from Finland and areas covered by radars from Sweden, Estonia  and Russia.

The animation can be stopped by moving the mouse pointer over any desired time image. The animation will restart when the mouse pointer is moved over the Play-text.

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